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Hi Everyone.
Well just like yourselves, we’re emerging from the hiatus ‘Lockdown’ and all it has challenged!But not without plenty of time to re-evaluate our music roots and direction. Along with making preparations for our new singles and video releases this year, we are really focusing on YouTube and Spotify now as our main ‘go-to’ platforms for our music, rather than posting constantly at Facebook & Instagram. This helps us to reach a wider audience, build a following and give a more fulfilling delivery of our songs and experiences.

We will also introduce a ‘PBS Blog’ to funnel our stories from rather than constantly cross posting. This leave more time to create music and make updates manageable. The assumption is we won’t be really back on the road live (in person) until sometime next year so we really wish to keep in touch with you in the most fulfilling way. So as our 1st release of single/video at YouTube which comes out on June 26, we’re eager to premier it for you, especially as it was made in lockdown on our staircase and a green screen with 3D animation created by Pna and my iPhone! That’s it and the result is super fun. So putting it out there to you to hit the ‘Subscribe and Notification’ link at so you’ll have all our latest updates! Back soon with more… Thanks and big hugs xox Jane

Here comes a chance to view some of our fun playlists. This one includes Danny Oakhill​ & Pna Andersson​ fighting it out over the chords on ‘Wasteland’ and also rare footage of the fabulous Jerry Donahue performing ‘Impressivism’ which unfortunately was never released. Jerry had a severe stoke not long afterwards so this is one of his last recording sessions with PBS. Our hearts filled with love for Jerry

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