Highlights from our PBS UK Radio Tour May 2017

A thousand miles of sunshine, cafés & kwoffies, M!”#¤%& highways, happy teams of radio presenters who got behind us with great support for the new album, Frank Bessard our drummer (promoted onto Tamborine), great friends Jo, Anders, Hamps, Oiva, Mats, Mikey, Dave, Brian, Lauren and Pna’s mum Anja who joined us later in London, hire car, buses, trains, The Fab Four in Liverpool and the fabulous female ‘John Beal’ of radio Michelle Ward from Phoenix FM. Our Promo girl Harriet plus David & Josh at Right Recordings, Ian the security guy at BBC Wogan House plus more … THANKYOU! We decided to post most of the whole photo collage to document the great moments of the journey. Photos by Cocojo, Pna, Jane, Magnus, Ulf  & Mikaela.